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Oct 29, 2020

Chris Shea is an accomplished author and artist, and retirement is not on her radar. She built and still owns a greeting card company, Lifesighs Cards, and has many books to her name including Dogs Don't Die Dogs Stay. Chris also writes Lifesighs Daily Thoughts, a subscription email service for her followers, based on the idea of God leaving sticky notes for people to discover, for daily inspiration. Through her years of work, Chris has built a large community with people all over the United States, who see her as a trusted friend and the voice of love and truth. And she sees no reason to ever stop working at this in her lifetime.

"Making your own way, finding what sings to you, and going after that, is a really important aspect in life because it makes you– even if you don't make a ton of money– if it brings you joy, then you're one of the richest people you know."

Contact Chris Shea at Lifesighs Cards

Special Thank You to Bokuwa and Wizzie2K for the use of their song Will U Stay With Me