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Dec 16, 2020

"We are undergoing a Vitality Revolution, so it's no longer the case that old people are just doddering, pathetic creatures that need all sorts of sustaining stuff." –Jack Cumming

Jack Cumming is an independent consulting actuary, and senior housing industry expert. After moving with his wife to a continuing care senior living community, he set about trying to help the industry improve the way they provide a valuable service.

After moving to a luxury continuing care community, Jack became curious about some of the rules and regulations. Since he discovered shortcomings that conflicted with his actuarial background, he has become driven to help seniors have a better consumer experience with senior housing that is fair and honest. As you listen to his podcast, you will understand what courage Jack has to continue to help future generations of older Americans. He is a man of purpose. He also has sound advice for those experiencing a layoff or are facing retirement with trepidation.

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