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Oct 12, 2020

John Sanders, an engineer who worked for the CIA, turned investor, is now investing in young companies, young children, and small charities with a passion. Retirement has been a huge win for him because he has maintained his pre-retirement career interests, but tailors them around golf, time with his wife of 53 years, and a zest for learning and getting involved with his community. John is very supportive of children in tech, and is thrilled to see girls making a dent in that arena. This hobby investor has a clear love of life that comes out in all he does.

Quotes from John Sanders:

"I've never considered retirement as anything other than doing stuff a different way."

"Find a hobby, especially if it deals with making money, because then you can go to the bank with your scorecard."

For more information on John, head over to his website where you can find his book, Parables for Entrepreneurs, or his podcast by the same name.

Special thanks to Bokuwa and Wizzie2K for their use of "Will U Stay With Me?" at the open and close of the episode.